Chronicles of the Orb: Shaedeam's Song

Prologue, Part II

What You Should Know... (cont)

Miens of Shaedeam

There are 21 (core) races – what we call miens – that are the primary races allowed for playtesting currently. Three of these are familiar fantasy tropes: humans, elves (Edael, in Shaedeam; Elthian, as drevens call them; the latter term is fairly insulting) and dwarves (or Khazalds). These might resemble races from other games, but they have unique story elements within this game’s context.

Cvos – monstrous humanoid; cheetah or jaguar spotted, thought to be a bunch of crude pranksters at best and immoral thieves at worst.

Dreven – monstrous humanoid (draconic) one of the most common miens and the main drive of the empire of Shonnestherra (translated, the lands of the dreven)

Edael – humanoid (fey); OOC, compare to traditional elves; taller, stronger, faster and in most cases better and a lot of ancient aspects than any other mien. There are a number of sub-miens.

Fiiani – monstrous humanoid (draconic): regal and lion-like in appearance, but that’s where the similarities end. Fiiani have massive feathered wings and are capable of powerful flight. They are also one of the most gifted species that use the arts of Rushen.

Gojifae – “denial of the dream”; humanoid (fey), these are the goblins and bugbears of Shaedeam. Gojifae are Fae creatures who have forsaken their immortality to experience ‘the human condition’. Over time, they can alter their physicalities to manifest something of what they were before.

Gorumar – massive and savage, these cannibals often raid border towns for food; on occasion, a gorumar might travel about alone and muttering things like ‘trying to atone for our many sins’.

Human – curious, adaptable, and fast learners – humans can crop up anywhere

Ipali – humanoid; tall and lithe, these strange creatures excel in craftsmanship, mathematics and various other scientific disciplines.

Kinithrin – small rodent-like humanoids, quick and nimble, and capable of controlling the most vile path of magic that has ever existed. Some kinithrins fight the dark urges to use this magic, others embrace it.

Khazaldi – dwarves; there are several castes of khazalds, and most of them are loyal to Shonnestherra, since their own homelands are under constant strife.

Lo’Kai – former celestials that have manifested on the Prime Material to act as agents for the Divine

Ludae – small, awe-inspiring good looks, and incredibly musical voices. Ludae are bards, teachers, and advisers within the empire. Male ludae have an extremely low birthrate, and so the female of the species is more often encountered.

M’Kecht – ‘the Philosophic Giants’, ‘Masters of the Multiverse’, or as the cvos say "thinking and breathing walking time-bombs’. For their most part, these lesser giants (towering over most miens at 45 to 60 unis tall and half as wide) have incredible physical power and supernatural strength but they are loathe to rely upon it. These gentile giants prefer a stoic and learned path of life. But their emotions can override their discipline on occasion and the whole of their power brings ruin to anything the giant can reach. M’Kecht giants can travel to alternate dimensions almost at will.

Moath – perhaps the most common race upon the whole of Shaedeam’s Back. The love to tinker with technology, but they have something of a temper themselves. Despite very different physical appearances, moaths share 90% of their genetic code with humans.

Ohpian – short, weak, and some would say useless. Ohpians may indeed be all of these things, but they command vast richest of unknown originand so they command respect in that way. Ohpians have funded almost every major military, covert, and academic venture in the empire for at least the past 12,000 years.

Shijula – outsiders (native); these former daemons gave up their power to aid the Edael in the Blood Wars of the Kuratour Abyss. They have a very rodent like appearance, but they have large wings between their wrists and ankles, allowing for gliding and minimal flight.

Thaun – lights and clockwork. This humanoid (artificial) race of beings are literally that: clockwork. They usually perform self-modifications and occasionally manifest powerful Rushen abilities.

Tiatoks – frog-like humanoids of fae heritage with an uncanny ability to innately understand arcane magics unlike any other mien. They mostly live in tribal settings near water, but occasionally a leader with some aspect of common sense will look for a tiatok advisory.

Ulasi – bred by the fiiani to be a perfect race of protectors. Ulasi are perhaps the most powerful and aggressive mien upon the whole of Shaedeam’s Back. They were literally bred to kill and control territorial boundaries.

Uunne – one of the Divine’s first servitor races. They retain something of their powers, but they are a shell of their formal glory.

Xarui – the eldest humanoid species upon Shaedeam’s Back. These quadruped fae-things are a tauric matching of a turtle, elephant and their head resembles that of a serpent – earless, nose-less, and small beady eyes inset and protected by a thick brow. They are incredibly potent Rushen Adepts, and even speaking with even the weakest xarui can cause physical damage.

Other Common Races

Gnolls, Gnomes, Half-Elf (half-Edael), Half-Orcs, and Halflings are all common races between Shonnestherra, Mhazgahrshaedar, and Uros. For these races, refer to the 3.5 D&D MM.

Ogres and Half-Ogres also exist in the realms of the Orb, but their stats are completely different from their D&D MM entries.

If you are looking to play an aasimar or teifling, you’re outta luck since they are not in the d20 SRD. But Shaedeam does have the Lo’Kai – while there are wild differences between the two races, the Lo’Kai can be built to ape the D&D favoured races.

There are now Drow as they are known in D&D (again, SRD); but the Orb has the Moredael. All Edaelan castes have incredibly differing backstories so if you’re in the market for a black-skinned elf, be warned: they are a hated people but are held as heroes to many other Edaelans.

Again, no Duregar. Shaedeam’s closest approximation are the Rhaine-Khazaldi, who travel in families of four to twenty. The Rhaine are mercenaries, to the man.

No centaurs, either. The xarui, civola and aslimin are all tauric miens (civola and aslimin are secondary miens).



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