Nhiles Graeden

Well-Known and Respected Bard


NG Medium Half-Elf (Elehdaelan) Major Fae Bloodline; 6 Bard (2 Bloodline); ECL: 8; CR 6
Init + 9 Senses imp. low-light vision, Listen + 17, Spot + 9
Region: Shonnestherra; Saint Baylen’s; Noble House Naydoran (adopted)
Languages: Imperial Common, Common Shaedic, Common Khardic, Common Elthar, Luod, Shonn, Tiibon, OLP, Khord-Khazaldish, Rhaine-Khazaldish, Faespeak, Arconic, and Infernal

Defense 16 , touch 13, flat-footed 13 (+3 MW studded leather, +3 Dex); Armour DR 1/-
Vitality 41 (6 HD); Wounds 22
Traits: Quick; Flaws: Murky Eyed
Fort: +5, Ref +8, Will +10

Speed: 40 (8 grids)
Melee: + 17 2 mythral bastard swords, (d10 +5)
Ranged: + 16 18 Str composite longbow, (d8 +5)
Attack: + 4 ; Defense + 1; Grp +8

Abilities Str 18, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 19, Wis 15, Cha 21
SA: fae affinity +2; charm person 1/day; 42 arcane spell points
SQ: human traits, edaelan traits, fae traits; Renown: 12
Feats: Weapon Focus (bastard swords), Two-Weapon Fighting, Use Over-sized Weapons, Weapon Finesse (racial), Iron Will (b), Improved Initiative (b), Blooded (regional)
Skills: Appraise +10, Balance +9, Climb +10, Craft (painting) +10, Diplomacy +13, Decipher Script +20; Escape Artist +9, Gather Info +11, Hide +11, Intimidate +16, Knowledge (arcane, nobility, local, dungeonering) +13, Move Silent +9, Perform (oration, sing, lute) +15, Ride +10, Sense Motive +9, Swim +10, Survival +10, Use Magic Device +12, and Weaponskill (long blades, small blades, crossbow, short bow, and pole arms) +9

The Use Over-sized Weapons Feat appears in Complete Warrior WotC source book; The Blooded Feat appears in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Core Book.


Backgrounds: Guild Membership – Adventurer’s Guild, Mourner’s Guild (Shonestherra), Noble, Education (x3), Student of the Divine, Student of Rushen, Student of the Arcane, and Dirgetender

Nhiles is a very experienced dungeon delver who fills his free time performing in imperial guild halls, mentoring young adventurers and scholars, and transcribing texts of the Church of Light. He serves his noble house as an ambassador to House Graeden, his birth-house, which has fallen out of favour within the empire. He is known among adventurers as one of the very few survivors of the notorious Cradle of Oman (a living and sentient natural dungeon).

He is especially strong for one of fae blood, which lead him to developing an expensive yet devastating combat form: dual bastard swords, forged from mythral and personalized for his build and grip. His is renowned for his speed and prowess in combat, but most critics call him on his over-aggressiveness. His combat style would seem to run counter to everything else in his life, but it has served him well – he has survived two duels against Amun Nthgur, a famous orgorash gladiator of Illisk-Dur (8 Fighter/ Major Red Dragon Bloodline) as well as an encounter with Shi’Ghat the Grey.

Nhiles desires to travel to Tigotherra and seek to begin relations with the Nimodian Giants, an ancient race of giants rumoured to stand at heights of hundreds of feet tall. The whole land holds him in a romanticized sway. He realizes it is a dream of fancy, as the empire frequently relies on his knowledge and experience. He does count many Thaun and M’Kecht giants as friends, and he has allies within most castes of edael and khazalds. His has studied at seven of the twelve technical and cultural colleges within Shonnestherra, five temples of the Muse in Mhazgarshaedar, and even the Aolon Tower.

Nhiles Graeden

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